Monday, June 04, 2012

C25K Week 9 Day 3 - 3.08 Miles

COMPLETED!!!!! I did it! I finished the C25K Program!!!!! A total of 27 Days of running!! And I lengthened my route today!  Check out the maps to see the difference between the distance I was going when I started to what I did today!

The map on the left is my first C25K walk/run on March 29th.  I was alternating intervals of walking for 90 seconds and running for 60 seconds.  The map on the right is 9 Weeks later - today, June 4th.  I walked for 5 minutes, ran for 35 minutes and then walked for about 8 minutes.  My total distance on the first day was a little under 3/4 of a mile.  My distance today was 3.08 miles!  

So, what have I learned in this 9 weeks?  

I've learned to be patient with myself.  Originally I wanted to run every day and finish the program in 27 days rather than 9 weeks.  I adjusted my expectations along the way, gave myself time off when I needed it and finished in 9 weeks.

I learned that taking small steps really does work.  I learned to stop looking so far ahead, and to just focus on one step at a time.  I learned that it's possible to get up big, scary hills that seem insurmountable, if you only look one step away. 

I learned that I am important.  For the last 9 weeks I have run regularly, even when it felt like there were other things I should be doing for other people.  And guess what? The world did not end.  No one got hurt.  Not much fell through the cracks.  People will wait for me.  Chores will wait for me.  Work will wait for me.  I learned that I can say, "Not now," and nothing bad happens. 

I learned to face fears, take chances, and keep moving.

I learned that music and movement can make almost any emotional pain bearable.

I learned to trust my body.

I learned that I'm stronger than I think I am.

I learned that I can run.

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