Welcome.  I think I'm welcoming myself, as well as any readers.  I've been away from this blog for 3 years, so I guess I should welcome myself back.

Rather than clogging up my facebook page with long posts, I've decided to continue my Couch to 5K journey here, where I can really explore some of the things I've been thinking about - the issues the fears, the physical, mental and emotional challenges that I face.

I have also started taking burlesque classes - and I don't feel completely comfortable talking about them on facebook, so I will explore that journey on this blog as well.

Just a quick history of this blog to explain the name.

The Fat Lady Sings

I started this blog 6 years ago as a way of dealing with my issues surrounding weight.  It was originally named "The Fat Lady Sings."  I liked that name for the obvious reason - the mention of the Fat Lady - and I took that for a screen name.  But I also liked it because of the phrase it comes from "It's not over until the fat lady sings."  Well, I wanted my weight issues to be over and done with - so I kind of thought that by dubbing myself the Fat Lady and "singing" about them, maybe they would finally get over and done with.  Yeah, fat chance.

The Fat Ladies Sing and the Skinny Girl Dances

After a couple of years, through discussions with friends, I realized that so many women have issues with weight, regardless of their size.  One friend of mine, who I think is extremely thin, struggles with weight almost as much as I do.  So I invited her and another friend, who was also dealing with being heavier than her ideal, to join me on this blog.  At that time I changed the name to "The Fat Ladies Sing and the Skinny Girl Dances,"  because my thin friend was a dancer and I wanted to incorporate them into the title of the blog.  And then after about a year, the blog just eventually kind of died off.  We all stopped posting and it's sat dormant for the last 3 years.

Run Fat Lady Run

Now I'm back and ready to make this a regular thing. Since the main focus is my journey to become a runner, I've renamed the blog again.  I've also archived all the old post to give it a fresh start.  The new name also reflects my general attitude about life.  It's time for me to stop avoiding life and to run headlong into - fears be damned.

So here I go!

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hope said...

Great idea, Julie! I've been enjoying your running posts on FB, so I'll be happy to read 'em here. Just please post the link on FB every time, like you did today, so I'll find you!

I do take issue (a little) with your title. If you're trying to get away from identifying yourself by your appearance, then isn't it letting the "hater" have too much play?