Saturday, May 26, 2012

C25K Day 57 - It's Hard Work

I swear, if I ever again hear anyone condescendingly speak about someone who is overweight or out of shape and use the words, "just" or "only," I will immediately punch that person in the face.

Losing weight and getting in shape is HARD work.  MUCH, MUCH MUCH harder than staying in shape, or maintaining weight.  People who have never done it, shouldn't be allowed to say a word about it.  And people who have done it, should know better.  Nothing irks me more than a formerly fat person who says, "I did it, anyone can!"

Yes, potentially, anyone can do anything.  But not everyone is in a mental, emotional or physical space to do the very hard work of building muscle and endurance, and over coming fear, and feelings of inadequacy, or whatever mental and emotional hurdles they may have.  Not everyone has the support and encouragement to keep them going when that nasty little voice, that lives inside all of us, tells them they can't do it.

So, if I hear, "Well, if people would ONLY eat right and exercise, we could wipe out obesity," or "It JUST takes a little exercise and healthy eating to get in shape,"  I might just find myself looking at that person's fat lip and saying, "If you JUST put a little ice on it, it will go down. I ONLY punched you once."


Got back on track today.  I was scared that after 5 days off it would be impossible for me to run the whole distance, but I did least I think I did.  I killed my ipod in the process - sweated it to death.  About 90% of the way through the run it started wonking out and doing weird stuff - shut down out of the app and would only play music at top volume.  So, I shut it off and ran the same distance I did last time.  I don't think I was supposed to increase today - so I think I'm fine.  When I went to turn the ipod back on, I got nothing but blank screen.  It is presently sitting in a bowl of rice.  Hopefully it will dry out and come back to life.  If not...well, it IS my birthday on if anyone wants to know what I want...

Even thought it was hot, it felt good to run.  Better than running in the cold.  And 5 days off didn't set me back at all.  It wasn't easy, but it definitely wasn't any harder than it's been on any other day.  I won't finish C25K on my birthday - but I can still finish this week, if I keep at it!!

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MamaKeepsGoing said...

LOVE the fat lip comments...and you KNOW you've been my substitute for ambition...I'm on week 5 and not sure exactly how I got here but I know your struggles have helped me.